Automated booking solution for your Hostel's website.

The film above describes the various functions and benefits of the purpose built Dorm Online hostel booking engine used by hundreds of hostels world wide.

The bottom line end result of using this booking engine is that you will gain many more bookings for your hostel and decrease the amount of bookings you cause to go to your competitors hostels. Because this booking engine works better than any other booking engine available to hostels, it generates far more income than the cost of using the booking engine. This solution generates income for you so it is better than being free of charge. To contact us to find out more then see our main website - Hostel Office . You will find our contact details on the the Hostel Office website.

This Dorm Online solution is one integrated component of the Dorm Project software solution provided to you by Hostel Office that includes a reception Room Management solution often referred to as a Property Management Solution or PMS.

Property Management Software

Hostel Booking Engine